Bulk Ping

Mass ping ensures that your website and blog posts are known and crawled by search engines. You can quickly report the articles and content on your website to search engines with multiple ping.

You can ping your websites to search engines easily and quickly. If the content you add is not known by search engines or is not indexed, you can be successful quickly with this service.

With this tool, experience the convenience of indexing your youtube videos, social media posts, e-commerce products by google at once.

With the

Ping tool you can send more than one url at the same time. We recommend doing this for your site to get fast index.

Even if multiple pings are useful, we do not recommend doing this too often.

Ping Your Sitemap

With our sitemap ping feature, you can distinguish your links from your sitemap. You can send your sitemap links to search engines effortlessly with the link extraction tool.